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Without literacy, science and mathematics, young Malawian’s cannot succeed in the world. But for Youth of Malawi, music, sports and art are of equal importance in the nourishment of young souls. 

Our approach is to enlist the aid of Malawi’s best in music, arts, and athletics to work with the children and adults of Chimphamba to maintain the traditions of song, dance, crafts, and sport. In each endeavor, we emphasize the power of teamwork, the intrinsic benefit of community and family, and the value of practice, hard work, repetition, and creativity. Sometimes, we just sing for the sake of singing, but in large part our arts and sports programs form part of a holistic approach to the betterment of children.   

Chimphamba now has an adult choir that people are trying so hard to get into. The Choir has performed for high level Government Ministers and has been featured on Malawian radio and TV. We have 2 weeks of children’s music instruction monthly from Music Crossroads Malawi, a division of a Norwegian 501(c)(3) dedicated to preserving the musical tradition of this region. We have also trained and promoted the career of a local DJ, Joel, who, orphaned as a child, dreamed of a career in music.   

Youth of Malawi also engaged a man named Gochi, the proprietor of Malawi’s premiere arts and crafts children’s program (Bees & Kidz) to come monthly to Chimphamba Village. He brings a unique project each time and the children have designed backpacks, created works of art for their parents, and decorated the school building with masterpieces big and small. 

Youth of Malawi has constructed a regulation size soccer field in Chimphamba, which is the pride of the region. A village team has formed and they are the reigning champions. During each mission an American team forms to take them on.  We always lose. In addition, we have installed netball posts, volleyball courts, basketball hoops, and have brought equipment, uniforms and sneakers to encourage play, team spirit, and diversity of activity.

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