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Youth of Malawi believes in incentivizing work and education by providing leisure, sports and entertainment activities for children. Chimphamba lacked any play equipment so students typically played with soccer balls made of tape and plastic bags, or small toys made of bottle caps and cans. We organized a design contest which was integrated into the curriculum of the architecture program at The University of Johannesburg, where 20 talented students submitted design folios.

A winner was selected by our Board, our architects, and University Professors.  This winner traveled to Malawi to oversee construction of this incredible playground. Four of her classmates were so inspired they lobbied their University to let them all come for our 2016 mission and they were able to see the design come to life. Our winner’s life was changed and she was inspired to dedicate her architecture career to social responsibility and sustainable architecture in the developing world. 

Sustainable Playground: What We Do
Sustainable Playground: Gallery
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