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Youth of Malawi began a school lunch program as soon as construction was complete on the classrooms, and village parents have reported to us that the nutrition the students receive during the school day is invaluable. Children would receive a bowl of nsima, the Malawian staple food, each day. Our teachers claim higher attendance rates, more energy, clearer speech, and better responsiveness among the children. For some in Chimphamba, this meal made the difference between malnutrition and health.  

A food handout was not a completely sustainable solution, so the Kachule Livestock Center idea was born. If we could invest in a large farm complex, the village could sustain itself with protein, income, and labor opportunities. Occasionally, to supplement the farm, Youth of Malawi distributes maize, seeds, eggs and other essentials to get the village through particularly challenging times, as climate change and winnowing government subsidies plague the village. 

Hunger is a nagging problem in Malawi and all of sub-Saharan Africa, but even these small improvements Youth of Malawi has made have gone a long way in improving the health and welfare of more than 1000 people in this village. 

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